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نصب برینگ با دستگاه های BEGA SPECIAL TOOLS


Easy removal of bearings, wheels and other drive components Maintenance of rolling stock in railway vehicles Vaassen, The Netherlands, August 2016. At this year’s InnoTrans in Berlin, Bega Special Tools presents tools for easy and safe installation and removal of bearings and other transmission components in railway vehicles.Rolling stock maintenance is an important part of the railway system. Unthinkable what would happen if this was neglected: stalled trains would block rails and existing timetables would become a mess. This is why regular maintenance is necessary in order to maintain a reliable train park.

Engineers will recognize the risks they run into when confronted with stuck wheels or bearings. Cutting or grinding can be dangerous and can cause damage the shafts. Even the task of installing parts in a safe way can be a challenge. Having the right tools in a maintenance facility should be a priority to ensure reliability and personal safety.Bega Special Tools is specialized in tools for removing and installing bearings and other transmission parts.

For removing and installing railway bearing sets and labyrinth rings, special induction heaters can be used. Middle frequency induction heating technology is a safe and cost effective heating method that improves the quality of installation. Bega manufactures various models of the Betex MF Quick-Heater, which is also available in combination with fixed or flexible inductors.

For removing gears and train wheels Bega supplies a unique series of self-centring hydraulic pullers, with capacities of 4 to 150 tons! These pullers are easy to use and require a minimum of set-up time. Versionsof dismounting wheels in combination with oil pressure are also available. All described tools and methods have one thing in common: they are designed to make the job easier, faster and above all safer. Flameless induction heating offers many advantages: safety, environmental friendliness, easy handling, no noise or pollution. Even reuse of parts is a real possibility.

Bega Special Tools manufactures and sells special tools, induction heaters and hydraulic cylinders for easy mounting and dismounting of bearings and other transmission parts. The tools are used in production and maintenance within many industries such as machine manufacturing, the steel and mining industry, paper manufacturing, in wind energy parks, and for servicing rolling stock of railway operators.

Company information

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Vaassen in The Netherlands, Bega Special Tools manufactures and distributes special tools for safe, cost-effective mounting and dismounting of bearings and transmission parts. These tools substantially improve the quality and ease of maintenance and installation of rotating parts in machines, resulting in longer lifespan. Exported to over 60 countries worldwide, Bega products are used in production and maintenance departments of MRO and OEM companies within various types of industries, comprising special solutions for the wind energy, rail, mining and steel industry.

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